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Retail Property

Retail investments and leases present specific challenges. Whether you own a retail investment, are purchasing or, investing or, are taking a lease of retail premises, our knowledge of the retail industry and its specific concerns coupled with our ability to communicate in commercial terms will help ensure a successful conclusion.

Cubism Law offers specialist legal advice in retail property situations, coupled with ancillary advice relating to funding, planning and the practicalities of bringing your deal about. Our expertise ensures that we look beyond the basic transaction and see the wider picture.

Consultant Duncan Ward has been responsible for the development of a number of shopping centres and currently is responsible for the redevelopment of a sub-regional retail centre, with experience of creating letting policies, management regimes, service charge regimes and the management of the completed development, advising upon tenant’s alterations, rent reviews and assignments.


Acting for the owners of retail shopping centres, precincts and shops our Consultants have years of experience of dealing with issues important to the retail sector.

Acting for Investors, we have considerable experience of the sale and acquisition of retail investments.

Acting for occupiers, we have considerable experience of leases in retail situations including; setting up management regimes and service charges, negotiating heads of terms, granting and taking leases, rent reviews, assignments and advising upon the wide range of management issues affecting retail property.

Cubism Law is a Preferred Partner of The British Hospitality Association (BHA) for Legal Matters.