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Professional Partnerships

Involved in a partnership dispute?

Such matters need to be dealt with discretely, professionally and wherever possible through independent mediation rather than litigation. 

Cubism Law provides expert advice to both partnerships and partners, whether structured as general partnerships or LLPs. We offer professional advice to Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, Surveyors, and a number of other professional groups on partnership set-up, partnership disputes and partnership dissolution.

We understand the sensitivity and discretion necessary in dealing expediently with partnership disputes, involving as they often do the most senior people within a business.


Partnership Dissolution & Restructuring

All Partnerships will have to deal with issues arising from the recruitment, retirement or departure of partners or the dissolution of the existing partnership itself.

Partnership disputes in our experience are best dealt with at an early stage before entrenched positions are taken and the dispute impacts on the performance of the business itself. Where possible we use mediation as an effective tool to achieve sensible and cost beneficial quick resolutions. Mediation has the added advantage for all involved of being a confidential process.