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Construction Disputes

Design and construction are sizeable activities which give the satisfaction of producing something tangible for you or your business. But the construction or design process can be fraught and there is plenty of scope for errors and disagreements. Problems, and in some cases mistakes, can arise out of miscommunication, negligent design, bad workmanship, unsuitable materials and lax adherence to budgetary constraints. All of which can be expensive, particularly if the construction period has to be extended.

Building and construction contracts are niche areas of law, with specialist terms and specific remedies like adjudication mandated. Commercial judgement is paramount, because complexity can easily lead to disputes running away with legal costs. Here specialist advisors with years of experience are needed to help navigate the detail and complexity with familiarity of these considerations.

Our clients look to us for guidance through the maze of difficult considerations, sound commercial judgment and the ability to grasp the complex circumstances and turn them into positive outcomes and results.

We have assisted many clients in claims for and against architects, engineers, employers, main contractors, specialist contractors, and we have specialist knowledge of plant claims and insurance.

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