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Professional Negligence

Individuals and businesses are increasingly reliant on guidance from professional specialist advisors. Receiving the incorrect, overly positive or wrong advice from a professional whether it be an accountant, solicitor, barrister, surveyor or other type of professional, can have serious consequences for a business and individuals.

When things go well professional advice goes unquestioned. But when things go wrong advice can be seen as a possible contributory factor in breaches, frauds, problems and failures as businesses seek to navigate a tsunami of safety, risk, regulation and compliance hurdles. Recommended by Legal 500, the professional negligence team has deep experience in bringing professional negligence claims against professionals in the financial, legal, construction, engineering, real estate, medical and clinical and technology sectors.

The team benefits from the firm's expertise in a broad range of legal specialists concerning property, insurance and private client work and is able to bring this to bear on professional negligence disputes.

Disputes can be stressful distractions. We recognise that not every problem is best solved by going to court. As such, each dispute needs an individually crafted and tailored solution with the right amount of tenacity to ensure that the solution is achieved with minimal disruption, and this is where deep experience brings the most benefit to clients.

Our clients appreciate the team's high value, cost-effective and pragmatic approach. 



We form strong connections with clients. We like to climb ͚inside their world͛ to see things through their eyes. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients feel supported, understood and feel ͚we are in this together͛, your supporter, in your corner.

The team bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to their practice, whether representing private individuals, partnerships or companies in disputes arising out of professional negligence, breaches of duty or fraud. We have access to a network of experts and to litigation funders and insurers for clients who need additional support. If the case also has prospects there is scope for us to explore Conditional Fee Arrangements and other bespoke arrangements for our clients.


We have a team specialising in solicitor's negligence claims. Recommended by Legal 500, our professional negligence team have over 30 years' experience in providing in-depth legal advice against negligent solicitors. Solicitors'  negligence is a specialist area and covers a wide variety of issues. Claims range from negligent property transactions, poorly prepared wills and legal advice, to banks and corporate clients with claims in respect of negligent advice provided to commercial property acquisitions.

Our team advises on all aspects of these claims and guides you through the strategy, plan and positioning in order to achieve the best results for their clients.