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A Trust is a form of ownership in which the legal title to property is transferred from the owner (the "settlor") to another party (the "trustee"), who will then have a fiduciary duty to hold, protect and administer the property for the benefit of a third party (the "beneficiary").

Trusts can be created during your lifetime or on your death via your Will. There are several types of Trust, each of which serves a slightly different purpose.



Trusts provide a wide range of flexible options for wealth planning, family and business requirements. Trusts can help to preserve family assets by mitigating tax liability for death benefits,ensure that family assets ultimately stay within the family, or ensure your children or grandchildren are provided for whilst they are minors whether it be during your lifetime or upon your death.Trusts can hold most types of asset, including land, property, valuable items and quoted and unquoted investments.

By keeping the control of property separate from its rights and monetary value, trusts provide a valuable tax planning mechanism and can help address complex succession issues within families. Trusts can also offer protection from creditors and can form part of matrimonial planning.


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