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Reputation Management Private

Reputations may take a lifetime to build but only a few seconds to destroy. Whether you are a household business name, a private individual with a public persona, or neither of these things, the reputational risk that comes with public attention and scrutiny is inescapable.

In a world where news travels across international boundaries at breath taking speed, it is imperative to have access to experienced and effective representation. It is all too obvious how quickly an imprudent comment, image, or review can acquire a captive audience, and how difficult it can be to dislodge negative sentiments having formed.

All businesses should be mindful of the risk of loss, theft or dissemination (intentional or otherwise) of client data given the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices and flexible working. Even something as innocuous as an overheard conversation or a missing USB stick can have devastating results for the parties concerned.


We pride ourselves on the level of service we maintain working with both corporate and private clients in relation to reputation management.

We exercise complete discretion in relation to our dealings with clients in this field of law, and recognise the importance of maintaining an unwavering sense of calm under pressure.

We also draw on our multidisciplinary teams from practice areas including Intellectual PropertyEmployment, and Dispute Resolution .

Reputation disputes can be expensive and stressful distractions. We recognise that, while litigation remains the most obvious recourse for tackling issues head on, not every problem is best solved by going to court. As such, each dispute needs an individually crafted and tailored solution to ensure that the optimum solution is achieved with minimal disruption and cost.