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Employment Private

Individuals tend to need employment law and HR advice in two situations: when you have a crisis, or when you’re planning the next step in your career.

Whenever employment issues arise, we understand that it’s personal and that you need quick and confidential advice that focuses on your future, your career and your livelihood. So our priority is to identify the questions or concerns and then provide tactical and strategic advice on your options, answers and ways forward.

To do this we form strong connections and aim to see things through your eyes, so that you are supported, understood and heard and feel that we’re your supporter.



Whether you need partner-level counsel to advise on strategy, or a tenacious litigator willing to fight your corner, we’ll find the right person for the job and try to find ways to turn situations around that protect your interests.

We also have a pragmatic, transparent approach to the cost of advice by allocating the right person for the job, so that you have no surprises regarding the costs.

We are straight talking, strategic advisers with many years’ experience, who provide practical ways to help you achieve your objectives in time and with a minimum of fuss.