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Nasir Khan

Fraud, Fraud Private, Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

Nasir Khan is a lawyer at Cubism Law and  specialises in fraud recovery.

He helps banks, investors and suppliers recover stolen funds via private criminal prosecutions brought in the Crown Court.

Nasir Khan specialises in fraud recovery, helping banks, investors and suppliers recover stolen funds via private criminal prosecutions brought in the Crown Court.

He has significant experience in dealing with civil fraud and asset tracing matters, having acted for both claimants and defendants. He works for both corporate and individual private clients and High Net Worth individuals in complex fraud and regulatory matters. Nasir has also represented several clients in property disputes, trademark infringement and licensing cases.

As the firms’ leading fraud specialist, Nasir works with a dedicated team of fraud and asset tracing specialists alongside our own in-house experts in commercial, criminal litigation and regulatory issues in the UK and Europe.

Fraud and asset recovery disputes require decisive action at great speed. Identifying the perpetrators of a fraud and then pursuing and preserving information and assets, often across many jurisdictions, is a highly complex and sophisticated task.

Nasir has experience of taking many cases to the High Court cases and successfully recovered millions of pounds on behalf of victims of fraud against several fraudsters as well as persistent debtors.


  • Conducting cases to obtain a final Judgment and an Order that the money is to be paid by the fraudsters or persistent debtors
  • Enforcing the Judgment to recover the money 
  • Often banks have secured their lending against a property, in which case, we would obtain a possession order and then seize that property and sell it to recover the money
  • Tracing assets of fraudsters in the UK or overseas
  • Seizing those assets via Court orders
  • Obtaining Injunctions from the High Court to prevent fraudsters from continuing with their crimes or moving the money overseas
  • Working with Bailiffs to physically seize assets of fraudsters and persistent debtors 
  • Freezing bank accounts
  • Making individual fraudsters bankrupt to then pursue them under the Insolvency Act
  • Making companies insolvent in order to recover the assets
  • Pursuing directors of insolvent companies for wrongful and fraudulent trading so that they become personally liable for repaying the money rather than being able to hide behind a limited liability structure

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  • Bank fraud - recovered £3.5m for a banking client following a sophisticated fraud, representing over 80% of total funds stolen
  • Corporate fraud – successful action against directors and shareholders of a company in East London for fraudulent trading
  • Class action - Involved in a major class action to pursue a fraudster IFA company and its authorising company
  • Employee theft – successfully took action against and recovered valuable data stolen by an employee of a company

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