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Technology businesses come in many different forms, such as web, software, data, digital, networking and enterprise solutions. Most of these are not like traditional businesses; in fact, many technology companies may not have started out as businesses at all but instead evolved as standalone technology products or applications.

A new product or service can spring from an idea, an experience or a solution to a problem. In today’s fast paced world, where emerging technology routinely changes the way we live our lives, the expression of an idea with clearly defined value can be implemented and brought to market in a short space of time, with the result that the essential components of a viable business can often coalesce quickly.

The necessity for speed at the development stage can lead to rights protection issues. Many ventures start out as collaborations between friends or acquaintances.



Problems can occur between the creators and third parties, such as investors or distributors, when conversations turn to who owns the rights and associated IP. We can advise on options and create opportunities when difficult decisions have to be made. 

A technology company’s value fundamentally lies in its ability to protect and monetarise its intellectual property. Our team works with its clients to develop bespoke solutions safeguarding their rights at every stage of the journey.

In particular, we always seek to establish, protect and vigorously enforce intellectual property, whether it be through trade marks, patents, design rights, copyright or privacy/confidentiality law for both individuals and businesses in the technology arena.

Our clients are professional creators, start-ups, SMEs and larger multinational technology corporates involved in social media, digital advertising, software developers, coders and data specialists.