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Whilst our fascination with the world of traditional print and media shows no sign of fading, new innovations in content presentation and delivery have enabled the publishing industry to expand its use of assets across a host of new monetising platforms. However, as a consequence, the business has become ever more complex to navigate from a legal perspective.

As part of our wider work in the field of intellectual property, our team offers legal and commercial advice to digital and print-based publishers and authors. We advise both fiction and non-fiction authors, screenwriters, journalists, and academic writers through our relationship with the Writers Guild of Great Britain. We also regularly advise UK-based publishers and content owners.



Copyright law is as broad as it is complex. Having been embedded in the media and publishing industries in both a creative and a commercial context, our lawyers can advise directly on issues such as derivative works and underlying rights, joint authorship, defamation, fair dealing, fair use and, should the need arise, dispute resolution and litigation. Our team is also familiar with the general accounting provisions of agreements across the sector and can assist with royalty disputes and audits.

Robert Taylor, who heads up our intellectual property practice, has an MA in the Copyright Law of UK, EU and USA from Kings College London. He has qualified both as a barrister and a solicitor, and has over 20 years’ practice experience in the field of intellectual property