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Intellectual Property

Developing an idea into a product, service, or brand which puts a business ahead of its rivals takes significant time, effort and money. Large organisations from production or exploitation-focused companies to individual film directors, authors and musicians all thrive on the basis that they can harness the power of their intellectual property (IP).

IP involves the techniques used to create or market products, the methods which build reputations, and the innovations which improve services. Organisations may not have trademarks, patents, or copyrights, but all organisations own or control IP and therefore possess business assets worth protecting.



Businesses depend on being able to monetise their IP and should employ a long-term approach when assessing the expenses of documenting and protecting these rights. Businesses that exercise due diligence from the outset will reap dividends in the long run in terms of enhanced business value and investment prospects.

Our clients include start-ups in online retailing, software and SEO marketing, fashion medical and scientific research and recruitment as well as content owners and aggregators across the media and entertainment sector.