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Head Office Roles

Cubism Law is unlike a traditional law firm. With it’s innovative, flat structure, it blends the drive of a commercial business with a high-performing city law firm.

Our head office team is critical to our success. Ability, hard work and achievement is valued and supported at every level and our management style ensures that you are able to develop your talents and ideas to their full potential.


An open and accessible leadership style is built into our core values, and it differentiates us from many companies, especially ones of a similar size. A doors-open policy, and the active involvement of the directors in the day to day running of the business ensure that people at all levels, throughout the business, can benefit from the experience of our top team.

Our expectations are high, and we require hard work and commitment from all. But the rewards are high, too. Those who show capability and passion, and add value, are recognised and rewarded in a genuinely warm and collaborative environment, where creativity is nurtured, and ideas are taken seriously with scope for career development.

Our current opportunities include:

We currently have no live vacancies but please do check back regularly to find out about career opportunities with Cubism Law

In the first instance, contact Anita Murthy or Simon Chadwick on:

Telephone +44 (0)20 7831 0101 Email anita.murthy@cubismlaw.com Email simon.chadwick@cubismlaw.com