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Join a firm that does things differently.

Cubism Law is a firm that likes to do things differently. Our name comes from the 20th century art movement which challenged the conventional way of seeing the world through a single lens.

Not unlike the artists, our approach is to bring a fresh perspective to all that we do - how we tackle our work; our approach to the law; and the kind of people we recruit.

As a fast-growing business, we look for stand-out individuals to join our team. We set the bar high because that is what we expect of ourselves and our clients expect of us.

One of Cubism’s major strengths is the ability of its senior team to develop its people and grow their practices, enabling them to be the best they can be for our firm and for our clients.

We sit together in teams grouped by industry sectors and practice areas, supported by other lawyers and extensive legal support teams working, learning and being better together.

Our offices are energetic, fuelled by the variety of our people and their talent, working side by side, relentless in the pursuit of delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.