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A Will is a formal document which records your wishes for the disposal of your possessions and assets after your death. Preparing a will is an important vital undertaking so that your wishes can be carried out effectively. If you own assets in a number of different jurisdictions, you are likely to need more than one will.

In the absence of a will, it is left to the law to determine who will inherit your property and who will be given responsibility for administering your estate. This can lead to conflict within families as well as difficult and expensive disputes.

If you have already written a Will it is also important that you review it every few years to ensure that it remains updated to reflect changes in the law and your own personal circumstances.

We have extensive experience in the areas of wills and probate and we advise clients on a wide range of issues including:

  • Claims for negligently drafted wills
  • Contested wills
  • Executor disputes
  • Inheritance Act legislation
  • Inheritance disputes
  • The tax implications of wills and succession
  • Trustee disputes