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Business Sanctions

Targeted international sanctions are restrictive measures implemented by countries or supranational bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union, against countries or individuals and companies identified as criminally responsible for objectionable behaviour.

Sanctions have become an increasingly common tool used to address major challenges to international peace and security. When used against companies or individuals, sanctions can have a disastrous and far reaching impact in terms of loss or reputation, loss of trade, fines, and contractual penalties.

The impact of sanctions can reach far beyond the specific individual or company targeted. Often associates, business colleagues, family members and partners can find themselves caught up in a listing where they may be no direct link or connection.



Our International Team has over ten year experience in dealing with the UK and EU regulatory authorities and in making representations to national and EU courts on the imposition of sanctions.

We advise companies on general compliance with export control and sanctions laws, both nationally and internationally.

We help clients carry out an assessment of their business practices to establish whether they comply with export control laws, either unilateral or multilateral and we conduct regular audits and develop internal compliance programs across their organisations.