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French Practice

Our clients are private individuals and professionals who hold, acquire or sell assets in France, who spend time in or have family connections with France. They require an expert, single point of contact, to provide legal advice and assistance on French law and to help them navigate property issues and complex estate planning.

There are fundamental differences between the English common law and French civil law systems which creates complexity. We work side by side with clients to create clarity about not only what is happening, but most importantly why.

Our team has many years of experience in not only turning the legal complexity of different systems and ways of working into coherent concepts but also reconciling these differences. Our team is made up of French lawyers, who are French and live in the UK, which gives them not only the knowledge and insights of the law, but also the knowledge of how to balance the cultural nuances and ways of working in both countries to achieve the most appropriate outcomes efficiently and effectively.


The department is led by Guillaume Barlet-Batada, a French lawyer (Juriste) who in addition to specialising in French property law, works alongside a network of associates inside and outside the firm to provide counsel on UK and other foreign probates, disputes, tax and the division of assets which are subject or influenced by French law.

Our clients appreciate speed, sensitivity and discretion in resolving complex issues and a willingness to be involved at all stages. Whether you are purchasing a property in France or getting divorced and distributing assets in different jurisdictions, we ͚take on your needs͛ as if they were our own with a relentless dedication to getting the job done.

We form strong connections with clients. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients feel understood and to balance needs of our clients and the demands of the French civil law systems.