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Eurasia Private Client

For our private clients,we provide dedicated specialist advice to entrepreneurs, investors and families and share our practical and strategic insights and legal counsel on real estate, employment and family law on related issues of living and working in the UK.

On the complex contentious issues, our approach is to get under the skin of situations to reduce the risks we see on the horizon and we equip you with specific strategies and tools to tackle them efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

Our team of legal advisors have lived abroad for many years, and as such, not only speak the languages of the countries in which they specialise, but can also climb inside the intricate cultural nuances required to work with our clients and do business seamlessly and effectively.


We take a commercially-minded approach by outlining the both the financial and personal investment that will be required, along with the possible outcomes, and these are baked into conversations on day to ensure these are both understood and front and centre of mind.

Our clients appreciate speed, sensitivity and discretion in resolving complex issues and a willingness to do so together, side by side as equals. We take steps to ensure we ͚take on your needs͛ as if they were our own with a relentless dedication to getting the job done.