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India business

India is a vast territory of 29 states and 7 Union Territories with a population of over 1.2 billion. India is a parliamentary democracy with a federal system in respect of distribution of power between the Central Government and State Governments. The Constitution of India prescribes which subjects are regulated by the Central Government, State Government and areas of concurrent jurisdiction. Each region has a distinct language, culture and regulations. The legal system is based on common law where English is spoken and is used for transactions and legal matters. There is growing brand consciousness.

Into India

International Franchising became popular in India after 2000 when foreign exchange restrictions were gradually liberalised. Commercially, franchising has become popular because it involves sharing of risk and investment between independent businesses.

Companies considering expansion into India need specialist advisors to help navigate the myriad of hurdles and pitfalls of doing business. Our team helps both British and international brands to expand into India through franchising, licensing, distribution or joint ventures.

For those businesses already in India, problems and disputes can arise with partners or third parties. We provide dispute resolution services using a range of different methods depending upon the circumstances, including negotiated settlement or restructuring of the commercial arrangement, mediation, arbitration, litigation including injunction suits or other form of interim relief.



Our team is made up of multi-lingual advisors, who are originally from the countries on which they advise, which gives them deep knowledge of how to do business in those countries.

From India to other jurisdictions

Our team of dual qualified lawyers provide legal services to Indian companies who operate in the UK, Europe, Latin America and the CIS, on company, tax, employment, property and intellectual property law and can draw on networks in their own countries for assistance.

Cubism Law has a specialised oil, gas and natural resources practice led by Gani Abaidildinov who help Indian companies invest and trade in the CIS region, in particular Kazakhstan. Many of the agreements between Indian companies and foreign companies including the CIS or Latin America are subject to English law and jurisdiction of the English Courts or arbitration in London.