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Employment Disputes

Whenever employment issues arise, we understand that you need quick and confidential advice that focuses on your business and reputation (if you’re a corporate entity) or your future, your career, your livelihood and your reputation (if you’re an individual).

So our priority is to identify the questions and concerns that relate to your business or you and then provide tactical and strategic advice on your options, answers and ways forward.

To do this we form strong connections and aim to see things through your (and any opponent’s) eyes, so that you are supported, understood and heard and feel that we’re your supporter. 

On contentious issues, we get under the skin of situations to manage or reduce the risks we see and then equip you with strategies and tools to tackle them efficiently, effectively and confidently.

Our team are partner level lawyers and high-level strategists with strength drawn from years of experience, who use practical tactics to support you with a calm and pragmatic approach.

We take a commercially-minded approach by explaining any financial and personal investment required, along with the possible outcomes, to ensure these are understood.