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Shareholder, Director & LLP Disputes

Disputes between shareholders or, directors and shareholders of a business can arise for many reasons. Many businesses start out informally between friends and acquaintances and, over time, differences can emerge between the directors or shareholders and other stakeholders.

Whether the disagreement is over allegations of fraud or dishonesty,the breakdown of relationships, a lack of performance of a shareholder, owner, partner or a director, the terms of director's contract or breach of director’s duties, or concern over whether the board is meeting its legal responsibilities, there are always competing interests that need to be considered.


Dealing with a dispute efficiently is crucial as disputes can be costly and detract from the day to day running of the business. Whether you are seeking redress against a business in which you have an interest or someone is taking action against you, we can help.

We work with private individuals and businesses where problems arise between the stakeholders such as partnership, shareholder or member disputes.