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Product Liability

Businesses which manufacture, market or sell products, systems, or machines, whether for the manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, food and beverage, engineering, and technology sectors, understand the sizeable risks they face if a product fails or malfunctions.

Not only can there be sizable liabilities, but also reputational issues, and key decisions may have to be made on an emergency basis, to avoid harm to the public, or even an existential threat to the business.

Production in today’s environment is a global practice. With the increasing price volatility of raw materials, manufacturers continue to focus on keeping prices competitive and therefore often source parts and components via increasingly complex global supply chains.


With production now very much on a world stage the liability risks balloon. Product liability disputes can involve producers, suppliers, distributors and component manufacturers across different countries, different legal systems and different regulatory regimes, which feed the complexity of not only the dispute, but risks reputational damage.

Our clients are suppliers, contractors, manufacturer, distributors as well as international corporations and businesses who manufacturer systems, products and machines in key industry sectors, including the manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, food and beverage, retail, engineering, and technology sectors.