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Fraud is a serious concern for organisations. The simple act of doing business opens up a broad array of risks of fraud, bribery and corruption that can damage a company’s reputation, lead to significant losses, and in some cases, damage personal lives. As opportunistic fraudsters continue to find new ways to commit crimes, this together with the evolution of new technologies and our reliance on digital transactions on a global level, suggests the growth in fraud will continue.

Companies are exposed to the risk of liability or prosecution if an employee is involved in fraudulent activity and criminal practices. But law enforcement agencies and regulators here and abroad (such as the EU) are now highly motivated not only to investigate wrongdoing, but also to prosecute. Here, individuals in the company and company directors can be found personally liable, face potential fines and reputational damage.


As a result, companies are taking pre-emptive steps that go beyond tackling incidents of wrongdoing, by putting in place measures and strong controls inside the company. These include audits, training and compliance programmes rolled out as firm-wide best practice initiatives to help limit, deter and avoid the possibility of regulatory breaches, frauds and corruption, and reduce risks to the business. 

We represent business, multinational corporates, financial institutions drawing on our multi-disciplinary teams across our firm and our dual qualified colleagues with expertise in European and Eurasian foreign law.