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Financial Liabilities

We all depend on guidance from professionals, whether personally or in our business. Advisors such as accountants, tax advisor, or IFAs are employed on the basis that clients can put their trust and good faith in their advice and recommendations. Clients expect that the advisors will be diligent and maintain high standards. Here mistakes can be costly. Clients receiving the incorrect, overly positive or wrong advice can suffer serious consequences unless the mistake is put right.

In the current climate businesses and individuals face greater pressure to navigate a tsunami of risk, regulation and compliance hurdles which in turn increases the need for professional high quality advice. A whole range of mistakes can have negative impacts. For example, poor pension’s advice can undermine your retired future. Or incorrect sale valuations or tax advice can cause you losses.


The best advice is to consult a solicitor who specialises in negligence claims, as there can be many pitfalls in seeking redress. Our financial liabilities team has deep experience in bringing professional negligence claims against professionals in the financial service sector including accountants, IFAs, auditors, and private wealth advisors.

The team works with clients to identify the best strategy and highlight any potential pitfalls. We can do this because we have many years’ experience in resolving both commercial and personal disputes in the financial services sector. Our team are experienced strategic negotiators and experts in the full range of dispute resolution methods helping to meet clients’ needs with alternative means of resolving disputes including: conducting mediations, arbitrations and other dispute resolution alternatives.