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Cubism Law Welcomes Nabas International Lawyers

Cubism Law Welcomes Nabas International Lawyers

Cubism attended a House of Commons reception on 14th September 2016, held by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Daniel Kawczynski - MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham and member of the British Brazil All Party Parliamentary Group, to promote trade and investment between Brazil and Britain. Nabas International Lawyers was sponsoring the event, and it was an ideal opportunity for them to announce their exciting merger with Cubism.

Herman Santiago, Head of Global Client Relations of Nabas International, said of the merger: "Our managing partner, Vitoria Nabas, and our team always enjoyed being part of the innovative thinking of today's modern legal and consulting process. Linking efforts with Cubism Law prepares a foundation for an identity that past, present and future clients can depend on for support, rely on to use its combined host of expertise, and create new opportunities in a changing legal and business services environment. We are excited by this move into a future of new professional purpose where our clients and team can share in an expanded set of services and collectively along with Cubism strive for further levels of excellence."

Nabas International Lawyers is an international, London based law firm specialising in a range of services but with a core speciality in immigration and working with commercial business to and from Latin America. In addition to their London base, they have offices in Portugal, Spain and Italy and Latin America, including Brazil, and have been connecting UK and Latin American businesses since 2004. All Nabas lawyers are multi-lingual and dual qualified.

Speaking about Nabas, Andrew Pena, Director of Cubism Law said: “We are excited to welcome Nabas on board which fits with our strategic vision of identifying and adding proven and established practices to our expanding range of core services. In today’s global marketplace we see more and more clients and corporates requiring specialist immigration advice - it is often the first step of an entrepreneur’s journey of expanding their business into a new market.  We are also excited by the opportunity to leverage Nabas’ extensive network of international contacts which will open new and exciting markets for our firm and clients.  It is also a big step towards fulfilling our ambition to become the No 1 UK firm in the Hispanic market”.

The successful House of Commons event welcomed H.E. Eduardo dos Santos, the Ambassador of Brazil, as keynote speaker, and was attended by Andrew Pena, Marina Fedrid, Andrew Bird and Duncan McNair.