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Why I Chose Cubism Law (Nilloosha Ponnuthurai)

Why I Chose Cubism Law (Nilloosha Ponnuthurai)

In this article we asked our latest consultant, Nilloosha Ponnuthurai, a simple question: “Why did you join Cubism?” Nilloosha specialises in leasehold property law and has built up her own very successful practice – Freshlaw – over the last eight years.

Why did you choose to join Cubism?

Cubism is unique in that it encouraged me to retain my branding and identity that I had created over the last 8 years.  I have always wanted to have a practice that was independent from me, to have other solicitors join the firm and be stakeholders in its growth and development and Cubism shares this vision.

The infrastructure offered in a fully functioning office was also very appealing. I am thrilled to have the weight of compliance and accounting off my shoulders and to have dedicated departments to rely on.  This means that I can focus on what I originally set out to do and that is to grow my client base and undertake billable work. 

The swanky office and location in the heart of the legal district also enhances the professional identity of my practice.

Who did your compliance? 

I was both COLP and COFA and the big drawback was that I was spending more and more time on compliance and less and less time on actually growing my business.

What do you miss the least?

I am a legal specialist not a compliance specialist and there was always that nagging thought “What if I have made a mistake somewhere?” Added to that was the usual burdens of running a business – payroll, accounts, staff churn and, of course, the dreaded thought of ever rising indemnity insurance was an annual gauntlet I very much will not miss. And actually, having joined Cubism, I now realise it’s quite a lonely endeavour running your own business. I really enjoy rubbing shoulders with fellow sole traders, being able to glean best practices and help is now right on my doorstep – literally!

What do you most look forward to?

I am looking forward to focussing all my energies on practising law again and connecting with my clients on a far more personal and frequent basis. Previously, I found that I was delegating transactional elements to my colleagues and in turn was losing my practical knowledge of documents and finding it challenging to stay on top of the latest law.

Most of my clients are long standing repeat clients and they like to deal with me personally. I now have the time to deal with a transaction fully and communicate with my clients interactively throughout their instructions. I am now able to initiate meeting with my clients and visit them in their environment which allows me to get to know their needs and pain points on an intimate basis.

I am already enjoying the support network of fellow lawyers, both in my field and in other fields to complement my practice and the needs of my clients.

I am finally looking forward to marketing my business with the help and guidance from the experienced in-house marketing team to become a stable and successful practice.

What would you say to other sole practitioners?

There is no need to struggle on your own when you can prosper more quickly and far more comfortably under the Cubism structure. Cubism offers you the independence that most sole practitioners would be accustomed to and require, whilst removing the administrative work and compliance risk burden to enable you to undertake billable work and grow your business.  

There is an easy collegiate environment where people have time to talk and laugh with their colleagues, with no office politics in sight. It is a totally horizontal structure and you come and go as you please. The people of Cubism all seem to have the same goal, seemingly to work in their own style and with their own clients as individual lawyers but within an established framework of a modern complaint practice.

Furthermore you have the weight of a larger firm to increase your profile and standing in the legal industry and in the eyes of your clients.