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Business Tales From The Campfire

At Cubism Law, rather than simply look at a client’s immediate legal challenges, we attempt to consider the clients legal and commercial needs as a whole. To this end, we have spent some time recently, on the subject of Storytelling in Business.

Pretty much all major brands and many minor brands tell a story about who they are, where they come from and what they stand for. These stories can be used for talking to customers, suppliers, staff and almost anyone involved in the workplace. They create a connection and a shared understanding. These stories are an essential tool in building up brand awareness and helping to acquire new business, as well as maintain existing business.

We have been telling stories for thousands of years and these skills, in recent years have been applied to the working environment. Why?  Quite simple really. A well told story is received by the listener in the

part of the brain that engages an emotional response and helps to make decisions. There is much more to this, but that’s where it starts. There are of course a few rules to learn and apply but this can be easily achieved with practice.

I recently gave a seminar to a select audience on "Storytelling in Business" We have put together a short video of part of that seminar, to give a taste of what is possible with story telling.

Please feel free to get hold of David Salamons if you would like to discuss your story and how to apply it into your dealings in business.