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Brexit - Cubism Law Legal Advice

Given the uncertain times that businesses and individuals are currently facing in the context of Brexit, it has become more important than ever for everyone to re-evaluate their positions in the European context. Anyone involved with cross-border transactions will be affected. However, what will that effect exactly be and when will it come is still open to debate. During that period of uncertainty Cubism Law will stand firm to its clients and advise on any issue that may arise.

Whether there is a matter concerning transactions, compliance, business migration or incorporation, or any other legal issue containing a cross-border element, this is where our clients can rely on their most trusted advisors.

In particular, we are experienced in and ready to tackle matters such as the Brexit implications in

  • Assessment and mitigation of corporate risk in the new legal context;
  • Application and enforcement of EU Competition and Public Procurement rules;
  • Consequences for individuals and corporates in the employment law context;
  • Compliance outlook post-2018.
  • Any other business.