Trusts are uniquely valuable in providing a wide range of flexible solutions for wealth planning, family and business requirements. Trusts can hold all types of investment, including land, property, valuable items and quoted and unquoted investments.

A trust is a form of ownership in which legal title to property is transferred from the owner (the “settlor”) to another party (the “trustee”), who will then administer the property for the benefit of a third party (the “beneficiary”). A trust agreement can create a trust that is either revocable or irrevocable during the life of the settlor.

By keeping the control of property separate from its rights and monetary value, trusts provide a valuable tax planning tool and can also be useful in addressing complex succession issues within families. Trusts can also offer protection from creditors and can be valuable in the context of matrimonial breakdowns.

We are able to advise individual clients wishing to establish Trusts as well as beneficiaries and trustees themselves, both onshore or offshore.

Trust Administration

We able to offer clients a full range of administration services for all types of family and charitable trusts to assist trustees in fulfilling their responsibilities in a comprehensive and professional manner.

Other Jurisdictions

Guillaume Barlet is a London-based French lawyer (Independent Juriste) who advises and assists on wills, estate planning and probates, taking into consideration both legal and tax aspects on such matters within multiple jurisdictions, including France.

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