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A Licence to Print Money

Guillaume Barlet-Batada: Brexit & The EU Succession Regulation

The SIPP Mis-selling Scandal

Cathy Hawkins: Insurance policy interpretation - now favouring insurers?

Robert Taylor: Can Children Own IP?

Robert Morfee: Scams – who do fraudsters target most?

Those Halcyon Days?

Robert Morfee: Psychopaths & me

Lisa Sen: Termination of a franchise agreement and its consequences in India

Cathy Hawkins: The dangers in sacking a building contractor

Douglas Wignall: Hotel Management Agreements - Always Start With A Letter Of Intent (Part 1 of 3)

Robert Morfee: Fund Management Claims

Lisa Sen & Yancho Yanchev: The impact of GDPR on Franchisors & Franchisees

Cathy Hawkins: Must the  “Insurance” Ombudsman follow the law?

Robert Morfee: What's the point of suing?

Cathy Hawkins: Construction work: avoid the insurance gap

Company Disputes, Shareholders' Agreements and Directors' Disputes

Data Protection Regulations: A Blessing or Curse? (Part 2)

Data Protection Regulations: A Blessing or Curse? (Part 1)

How does the court approach short marriages?

Cathy Hawkins: Tower block cladding panels

I've lost my passport abroad! What do I do now?

Robert Morfee: Interest Rate Swaps

Cathy Hawkins: Insurance Claims: For accidental damage, payment isn't "inevitable"...

Directors Duties: what are they?

RBS settlement: Is it a mixed result?

"Right to reside". What does it all mean?

Cathy Hawkins: Late payment of insurance claims

Nick Berry co-hosts the ILMC29 Contracts Workshop

How to prevent family members from challenging your will

Modern Slavery: Your Obligations As An Employer

Will English law recognise foreign divorces?

Wyn Lewis: Go on strike, or leave the EU - which is easier?

Getting Divorced in the UK: are assets divided 50/50?

Wyn Lewis: Is There An Ostrich In The House?

Brexit's challenges & opportunities for international law firms

Conduct in relation to financial proceedings

What Factors Does The Judge Consider When Making Orders In Divorce Financial Matters?

Anglo-French Aspects Of Divorce

Nasir Khan: 10 Ways To Protect Your Business From Fraud

Wyn Lewis: Post-Brexit HR Strategic and Fiscal Planning

William Simmonds: There's More To Life Than Work

Wyn Lewis: The implications of Brexit on UK employment law

Douglas Wignall: There's More To Life Than Work

Nilloosha Ponnuthurai: Why I Chose Cubism Law

David Salamons: There's More To Life Than Work

The Art and Science of Building an asset from your Legal Practice

Nasir Khan: The New Threat of CEO Fraud

Cubism Law Welcomes Nabas International Lawyers

A Great Office Party

The 2016 ALMR Benchmarking Report

Andrew Pena: There's More To Life Than Work

FreshLaw Joins Cubism Law


Extraordinary Leaders Series: The Mondragon Story



Brexit - Cubism Law Legal Advice

Business Tales From The Campfire

10 ways to protect your business from fraud

Marriott Acquisition of Starwood – Does Biggest mean best?

Hospitality Property Agents - Restaurants Clubs & Bars

Banking Scams. Is anybody safe?

Avoiding and Resolving Disputes involving Residents Associations

Restaurant, bars and clubs seminar

Late payment of claims` by insurers in The Enterprise Bill 2015

Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

Supreme Court hands down Judgment in Beavis and Cavendish cases and explains the ambit of the penalty rule

Cubism Law Crowdfunding - Panel Discussion

Alternative Finance - New solutions to old problems

Alternative finance seminar

Crowdfunding in Brewing

Hospitality Law and the eccentric British adventurer

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

Beavis v ParkingEye Limited – Supreme Court Hearing

Solicitor Professional Negligence

BBC Artist Embargo

Terminating & Renewing Leases of Business Premises

Improvements and Additions to Leasehold Premises


Magna Carta and The Origins of intellectual Property Law - Part One

Forfeiture of Leases

Crowd Funding

Extending Your Lease

Business Lease Terms

Dealing with Restrictive Covenants

Party Walls and Access to Neighbouring Land

Scaffolding Licences

Are the Legal Aid reforms a just way to commemorate 800 years of Magna Carta?

Judicial review of decision to restructure trading standards

Collective Enfranchisement - Commercial Property Litigation

The Earl of Halsbury Test

London Lawyers hear “crowdfunding is the future”

ParkingEye Limited (“PE”) vs Barry Beavis

Cubism Law – Take 3 #OfficeHours @TechHub

Legal Compliance – A key component in Cubism’s success!

10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

9 costly legal mistakes that Start ups often make and how to avoid them.

How do I start a hotel business: a quick overview

How to grow your franchise - For franchisees

How do I start up a café or coffee shop?

Franchise agreements. What you need to know

Contract Law – Getting your contract right

8 great tips to grow your restaurant business

5 tested ways to grow your recruitment business

Avoiding discrimination claims against your company

Growing a SME recruitment business 



IP advice for Start Ups and Young Businesses

Growing your Start Up business

Getting paid – Business Start Ups

Dispute resolution for Start Ups and Young Business

Data Protection and IT for Start Ups and Young Business

Business Contracts and Terms & Conditions for Start Ups and Young Business

Accounting Advice for Start Ups and Young Business – 10 top tips

SME Twitter Feeds

Twitter feeds

A quick guide to the forthcoming changes in French Capital Gains Tax

The public want better animal welfare - Duncan McNair of Cubism Law examines whether animal welfare has improved in the UK a year on from the horsemeat scandal

Right of Sepulchre - Lawful Control of a Dead Body

London Lawyers – Living the dream!

Faulty goods? What can you do to recover your costs?

Gary Barlow's Icebreaker tax avoidance heartbreak

The Trial of Gillian Taylforth

Franchising – What to look for when reviewing a franchise agreement by Cubism Law

Death of BBC TV presenter Komla Dumor 18th January 2014