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Web and Tech Enterprises Tech businesses are not like other businesses; in fact they may not have started as businesses at all.

A new product or service – and a successful business – can spring from an idea, a solution to a problem sometimes one that we didn’t know we had.   In our experience right from the start this can lead to problems of rights protection because no one will invest in a company that does not own the rights to its products. No one will buy what they can get for free.

Clear legal advice is required from the outset to ensure your rights to your innovation are protected.

Many tech ventures start out as collaborations between friends or acquaintances but those we love are not always the best business partners and in development things can change. We can advise on options and create opportunities when difficult decisions have to be made.

If you fear your code or data has been pirated or otherwise ripped off you should remember  they are  protected as a copyright works. You need to speak to a copyright lawyer to understand what your rights are and what options for redress are open to you.

“No one seemed to understand what we were doing until we spoke to Robert Taylor at Cubism Law.”

Tech businesses deal with information in new ways – the quote above is from a client who had spoken to experienced lawyers in traditional firms and found that they could not understand what his business was about.

A tech company’s value is in its IP. Too often traditional licence agreements give away the IP to customers. We have developed bespoke solutions to ensure that the rights to your IP remain in your hands.

Legal Tip:
Engaging Developers or Coders? Remember that while employers generally own the copyright of works created by their employees in the course of their employment – a freelance contractor will own the copyright themselves – unless it is assigned to you in their terms of engagement.

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