Franchisor Start Ups

We have specific experience in working with Franchisors from an early stage in developing their franchise businesses and keeping them as long term and valued clients. Working with an experienced franchising lawyer from an early stage should be considered an investment that will save you a great deal of trouble and expense further down the line.

Developing your business using a franchise approach has many benefits, first and foremost it offers an excellent route to quickly accelerate the expansion of your business. The initial franchise agreement should be considered a highly valuable business document which will establish in legal terms how enforceable your rights and obligations are against your franchisee network.

A clearly written, honest and fair franchise agreement is absolutely essential. A properly drafted franchise agreement will encourage good franchisees whilst giving you positive and enforceable remedies against franchisees who are either failing to perform or presenting problems for you or other franchisees in your network.

A poorly drafted franchise agreement can enable rogue franchisees to damage your franchise brand and reputation or in a worse case scenario steal your idea and start up in competition against you.


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