Reputation Management & Privacy

Whether as an individual or as a business, good reputations can take a long time to earn and build and consequently deserve to be defended vigorously. At Cubism Law we take the task of managing our Clients’ reputation very seriously indeed. In a complex and fast moving world where news travels ever wider and faster it’s imperative to have experienced and effective representation when your reputation is threatened in the media or elsewhere.

We are able to assist businesses when confidentiality has been breached and individuals who have had their privacy invaded.

We offer specialised assistance with:

  • Privacy issues
  • Online reputation management
  • Breaches of confidence
  • Reputational risk
  • Emergency injunctions against publication/broadcast
  • Pursuing claims for damages


Everyone in their personal and business life is entitled to a degree of privacy. Privacy issues often require urgent action to prevent public disclosure, for example to prevent the publication of intimate photographs.

At Cubism Law we are well versed in protecting the privacy of our clients against the public disclosure of private or confidential information, whether to the media, online or as part of a personal or business dispute.

Most cases are fought before publication of the material in question using restraining injunctions. If publication or broadcast has already taken place the claimant would be able to seek damages.

Our Reputation Management and Privacy team is led by Robert Taylor. Call us on 0207 831 0101.

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