Consumer Law

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If consumers purchase a good or product which is faulty, they have certain statutory rights designed to protect their interests, avoid exploitation and ensure suppliers act responsibly and supply goods which are safe and ‘fit for purpose’. In some cases these rights are bolstered by contracts entered into as part of the transaction.

Often, consumers are forced to take legal action to recover losses arising from damaged or faulty goods. This is particularly pertinent given the recent increase in the amount of items purchased on-line, where consumers do not have chance to check the product for faults prior to its delivery.

Consumer law clearly establishes the rights which people have when buying goods and services, and the obligations placed upon suppliers of those goods and services. Those rights and responsibilities are defined by several statutes (Acts of Parliament), by European Union law, and Common Law (legal precedents established by the decisions of judges in previous cases).

Cubism offers expert advice to both consumers and suppliers on current consumer law, and the related issues of product liability, contract law and litigation, and enables problems to be resolved – often without litigation.

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