Chancery Lane based Cubism Law provides a comprehensive offering dealing with a range of licensing issues such as alcohol, entertainment, and gambling as well as a variety of specialised and niche areas of licensing.

Licensing legislation is constantly changing, and getting the right advice on the current requirements from day one is vital to ensure you can obtain the correct permission and licences at the earliest opportunity. Our specialist team have years of experience in providing a professional, diligent and reliable service to our clients.

Cubism Law also provide specialist advice on many other areas related to licensing and licensed premises, such as planning (e.g. for change of use to class A3, A4 or A5), property acquisition and leasehold/freehold issues, along with advice to the entertainment industry on copyrights and performers rights.

Licensing Act 2003 – Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licences

Whether you operate bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres, restaurants or shops and need a new licence or are seeking a variation of an existing licence or are subject to a premises licence review, we can provide you with the clear and concise advice that you need to get the best possible result. We offer expert guidance to operators on all their licensing, regulatory and compliance requirements to assist you on matters raised by the various parties involved, including the Police, Fire Brigade, and teams within the Council.
We can provide advice and representationon:

  • All types of premises licence applications, including full and minor variations, DPS and transfers.
  • Enforcement problems with the Police or Licensing Authority relating to alleged breaches of licensed hours, conditions or provision of unauthorised licensable activities, and also including closure notices and closure orders.
  • Licence reviews, which can result in revocation , suspension or changes to times and conditions on licences and club premises certificates.
  • Other enforcement issues with the Council, such as Noise Complaints and Noise Abatement Notices.
  • Personal licence applications.
  • Temporary Event Notices (TENs)
  • Late Night Levy and Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs)
  • Licence Fees and Charges.
  • Live Music Act 2012 rights and benefits to premises.

Gaming and other licence types

Along with matters related to the Licensing Act other common licences we advise on include:

  • Gambling Act 2005:
    • Adult Gaming Centres (AGC) and Family Entertainment Centres (FEC), which are often referred to as amusement arcades.
    • Betting, Bingo and Casino premises licences
    • Gambling Temporary Use and Occasional Use Notices
    • Lotteries and competitions
    • Prize Gaming and Gaming Machine Permits
  • Massage and Special Treatment (MST), including tattooing, acqupunction and ear piercing
  • Pet shops
  • Sex Establishment Premises, including Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV)
  • Street Trading
  • Sports Grounds
  • Tables and Chairs (or street cafés)

Working closely with our commercial property and corporate departments we are also able to advise developers, investors and property owners on any licensing implications of their business investments, lending and development.

Recent Work

Advising on and submitting various types of licensing applications on behalf of many different types of premises including cafes, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and sports clubs.

Successfully gaining new licences for clients in Cumulative Impact Zones.

Advising on and coordinating the submission of both planning and licence applications for the same premises where required.

Representing licence holders in proceedings for review applications and expedited reviews.

Successfully getting an application for a closure order withdrawn by the Council before it was heard by the Court, and thereby securing the ongoing freedom of our client at a minimum cost.

Leading and advising on the preparation of evidence in relation to licensing and planning appeals.

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