Trade marks

Trade marks are the way a business can protect its brand.  If you have spent a fortune creating a new brand identity, or you have built up an enviable reputation in your market sector you should consider registering a trade mark.

We can advise on registering a trade mark in UK, EU and worldwide.

Once registered trade marks need to be protected. If a competitor is getting the benefit of your goodwill or inferior products are circulating with your brand then you need to take action. We always try to settle disputes out of court and it is amazing the effect a solicitor’s cease and desist letter can have on an irritating infringer.

However, trade marks come in registered and unregistered varieties.

Your brand does not have to be registered as a trade mark to have legal protection.

We can advise you on your rights in unregistered trade marks and the law of passing off.

Legal Tip: 

The ™ symbol is used to refer to an unregistered trade mark ®is used to indicate a registered trade mark.

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