Brand Licensing

Licensing of brands and other forms of intellectual property is a potentially powerful tool, which can be utilised to grow both the business of the licensor and brand owner and the licensee who is looking to expand its distribution in association with a recognizable brand on commercial terms. One of the great benefits that a licensor enjoys when embarking on such a programme is that in many cases it does not require a huge capital investment.

However in order to maximise the opportunities and minimise the possibilities of failure successful brand licensing programmes call for well drafted documentation and licensing strategies that both protect the brand or brands in question and allow for the possibility of short, middle and long term income for the relevant parties.

In addition we work closely with other experienced professionals where necessary to form a team to ensure that we are also able to advise on the necessary trademark and other intellectual property searches and registrations both in the UK and overseas.

David Salamons and his team have a strong legal and commercial reputation within the licensing community having been involved in many types of brand licensing programmes for over 25 years.

We advise on initial brand strategies, and then work with our clients whether they be licensees or licensors in order to create successful brand extension programmes which generate income and growth for all parties. We prepare and advise on all of the necessary documentation which are essential for the management of a successful licensing programme and include the following:

  • Master license agreements which may relate to any of the following areas:
    • Fashion or textile designs and brands
    • Iconic brands
    • Personality licensing
    • Archival collections
    • Copyright including photographic collections
    • New and fast growing brands
  • Licensee recruitment process documentation
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • All necessary new corporate and/or business structure documentation
  • “Ring fencing” agreements for protection of intellectual property

You can find an overview of our brand licensing and franchising services here.

Intellectual Property (IP)

A tremendous amount of time, effort and money can be spent developing a creative idea into a saleable product, brand or concept. Intellectual property is the product of these creative ideas. The development of intellectual property can put a business ahead of its rivals in ever increasingly competitive markets, which makes protecting intellectual property a business critical issue. We advise on and assist in protecting a range of intellectual property, including:

  • Trademarks (including logos, brand names and strap lines)
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Design protection
  • Confidential information
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