Intellectual Property

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A tremendous amount of time, effort and money can be spent developing a creative idea into a saleable product, brand or concept. Intellectual property law is the means by which you protect these creative ideas. The development of intellectual property can put a business ahead of its rivals in increasingly competitive markets, which makes protecting your intellectual property a business critical issue. We advise on and assist in protecting a range of intellectual property.

What is IP?

IP is Intellectual Property. IP law covers the following areas:

Modern businesses depend on Intellectual Property. It is not an after thought but an essential part of your business strategy. We encourage our clients to look to the future in protecting their rights to maximise growth and business value.

We frequently advise on IP aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions and find more and more that the most valuable asset of a business is its IP.

We can advise on all aspects of IP from Confidentiality and Copyright to Trademarks and Patents. We also advise on infringement and passing off.

Our clients include start-ups in online fashion retailing, medical and scientific research, recruitment and automotive manufacture.

Legal Tip:

Spotted a gap in the market? Developing a new product? Got the ultimate new Social Media site?

Remember it is essential to protect your IP from day one, before you talk to anybody, by using Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements with partners, investors or colleagues. If you don’t the value of your IP will be affected and you could lose the right to protect your IP through patents.

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