Estate Agents

Professional negligence claims against property agents used to be relatively rare, but this is no longer the case. Our professional negligence consultants have acted, for instance, for vendors whose estate agents failed to disclose that they had also been retained by the purchasers. Claims of this nature may involve allegations of breach of fiduciary duty and even fraud and need special expertise, which our professional negligence consultants are well placed to offer. We also handle professional negligence and contractual claims against letting agents (e.g. for negligent failure to ascertain the suitability of tenants) and managing agents.

Hitherto something of a rarity, professional negligence claims against mortgage brokers look set to increase in number. The bursting of the buy-to-let speculative bubble, in particular, seems likely to expose some mortgage brokers to claims by disappointed investors (and in some cases by lenders who have been hit by mortgage fraud). This is still a developing area of the law of professional negligence andCubism Law’s specialists in the area of property finance negligence claims are here to help clients steer a way through it.

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