Commercial Disputes

Most businesses at some point will become involved in commercial disputes which may then require litigation or mediation. Commercial disputes can be expensive, time-wasting and stressful distractions. In common with most business problems the best advice is to tackle them early before they escalate. Business dispute resolution at an early stage will usually save you money, the longer disputes continue the more expensive they become to resolve, especially if litigation is required.

Commercial Dispute Solicitors

Our commercial dispute lawyers have an excellent reputation in Commercial Litigation backed by satisfied client references for providing clear, sensible advice focused on gaining early and cost effective outcomes for our clients, thereby avoiding long-running and costly business disputes wherever possible.

  • Landlord & tenant disagreements
  • Debt management

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are happy to offer all our Clients, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including negotiation, mediation or arbitration, thereby removing the need for a lengthy and expensive court process. Sometimes this offers both the cheapest and easiest solution to your problems. Our wide-ranging experience enables our commercial dispute lawyers to maximise the prospects of a positive outcome.

Commercial Mediation Services for Business Dispute Resolution

There is an alternative way to resolve commercial disputes that is rapidly growing in popularity: Mediation, (One of the processes under the umbrella known as Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Taking a non-adversarial and less formal approach, Mediation Services are used by the parties who are in dispute to negotiate a workable agreement that avoids recourse to the Courts. Both sides gain by using a qualified, independent mediator to guide the whole settlement process forwards. The benefits of dispute resolution through mediation can often be significant, in financial and personal terms.

Funding Options

We are able to offer clients a range of funding options to finance the dispute resolution and/or litigation process including:

  • Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s)
  • Discounted CFA’s
  • Before the Event Insurance Cover
  • After the Event Insurance Cover
  • Third Party Funders

Why choose Cubism Law?

Our partner level team is very commercially focused and from the outset we will give you an indication of:

  • Your best options in terms of settling the dispute, litigation, mediation etc.
  • The chances of success that each option has.
  • The likely costs of each course of action, based on similar cases.
  • Our recommended course of action based on your requirements.

So why not give us a call today for a free initial consultation to see how we can help.
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