“The decision to start my own firm was a natural commercial step for me. What was harder was what to call it. My parents are both Spanish and therefore Cubism was a phrase that not only echoed my heritage but encapsulated my desire to do things in a radically different way.”

Andrew Pena, Managing Director and Founder Cubism Law

The early 20th Century avant-garde art movement known as Cubism redefined the representation of images onto canvas. Instead of viewing a subject from a fixed point, imitating the view of the beholder, artists such as Pablo Picasso and George Braque began to paint scenes that contained a multitude of perspectives. This process of looking, breaking apart and subsequently re-assembling resulted in an abstract image that depicted a greater context of the subject.

As a leading commercial Law firm based in the heart of London’s legal district, Cubism prides itself on replicating the approach of these early pioneers by bringing a fresh and inquiring perspective to the provision of legal services.

Founded in 2006 by Andrew Pena, formerly a Partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse, Cubism Law was one of the very first UK law firms to provide its services via a corporate (rather than partnership) structure. Our aim was simple; to free our partner-level lawyers from the daily grind of partnership politics and administration so that they could focus on what they do best – the delivery of an exceptional legal service in a modern and innovative way.

We have grown consistently year on year and that growth has allowed us to provide a full service offering to our corporate and international clients. We are now recognised as experts in a wide range of fields and noted for our flair and ability to find creative commercial solutions to complex legal problems. At the heart of our business is a strong partnership ethic that promotes the development of long-term engaged relationships with our people and, most importantly, our clients.

Our growth has always been underpinned by investment in our people, our structure and our systems. We moved to our current location in late 2015 having outgrown our previous offices. Our new office at 1 Plough Place houses our team of over 35 lawyers and 15 support staff.

In 2012, we invested in a bespoke hosted desktop or ‘cloud’ platform and introduced new Case Management and Compliance IT systems in the subsequent year. In 2014, we began our journey of acquiring specialist legal practices by offering them a rich and supportive environment from which to grow. This has increasingly seen the firm develop new and complimentary areas of work and adding strength in depth to our main practice areas.

In 2015, Cubism was licensed by the SRA as an ABS. This provides us with a more flexible structure from which to grow and allows us to offer a far wider range of professional services to our clients.

In 2016 our management team has been expanded with a number of new appointees as we continue to enjoy strong and robust growth:

David Sedgwick joined in January as both Director and COLP. David was a partner at Clarke Willmott’s and was a key member of the team overseeing Clarke’s rapid expansion in growth and David will be drawing on his vast experience to continue and grow Cubism’s high growth trajectory.

Simon Chadwick joined as Strategic Director. Simon has over twenty years’ experience as a legal recruitment specialist having set up and run his own legal recruitment firm, Chadwick Nott.

Michael  White  who has overseen the IT development has been promoted to CTO underpinning his key role in ensuring Cubism maintains It’s innovative approach and stays firmly ahead of the technology curve.

Over the last decade, we believe our proudest achievement has been our ability to recruit and develop talent at all levels. We do this by nurturing a mentoring and people-focused culture and training our staff to the highest standards. This allows us to meet, and often surpass, the expectations of our clients who provide us with a flow of intellectually challenging and often ground-breaking work.

We believe a large part of our success is rooted in our values and, in particular, our ability to build long-term trusted relationships founded upon a desire to make a positive difference to our people, our clients and the wider community.

Our history is behind us and our future is just beginning …

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